BIOFOX on the farm

BIOFOX on the farm

























Our dealer's clients used BIOFOX on one of their farms in the Far Eastern Federal District. The initial problem is toxic gases and manure odors in the farm premises. Previously, they experimented with five different drugs that were actively advertised for these purposes. Their effect was zero.

The treatment of the BIOFOX premises was carried out under the careful supervision of our dealer. The achieved effect, confirmed by the client - odors completely disappeared. Delving a little deeper into the technological process, we can say that the BIOFOX composition completely oxidized and decomposed ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, which led to tangible and visible consequences for the Customer.

Toxic substances on farms and agricultural holdings not only complicate the work of staff, but also cause respiratory diseases in animals. The active action of BIOFOX, the production and development of which we carefully control, allows our Clients to significantly save money and technologically improve their business.

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