Limited Liability Company KSPT "RASTR" has been carrying out financial and economic activities for over 30 years 

Initially, the company was called the Cooperative Construction and Production Trust "RASTR" and on June 20, 1990 it was registered in the system of the Krasnopresnensk Executive Committee of the Council of People's Deputies in Moscow. See documents here.  

From 1990-2003,because of the country's financial and economic instability, in addition to construction activities, the company was actively engaged in agriculture. With about 5500 hectares of land in the economic crop rotation, the harvest of fodder grain (wheat, rye, oats, barley) was collected annually, in the amount necessary for keeping a herd of cattle, with a livestock of about 1500 heads, on average, per year. During the summer period, the company donated about 4000-4500 liters of milk to dairies every day. 


Due to the company's professional activity in the agricultural industry, even then there were questions about the disposal of cattle and pig manure. The pre-existing technologies of turning manure into compost were expensive, and required storing organic matters at the compost sites for prolonged periods of time. Emissions of toxic gases, both from farms and from manure storages, caused inconvenience to local residents. 

At the same time, the company provided utilities for the reception and treatment of household waste water, to residents of a rural settlement. For these purposes, we operated several dismantled treatment facilities. There was no aeration, waste averaging, mechanical cleaning, etc. The restoration of the structure required large, practically unrecoverable financial investments. 

By the early 2000s, the main problem was to find new ways of treating the household and agricultural wastewater with minimal capital investment, based off of existing, even dismantled, utilization and treatment facilities. And then it dawned upon us, that the only possible way to solve this problem is to create a very specific biological product. 

 This product would neutralize the odors of toxic gases formed during the anaerobic fermentation of organic matter. Such as: ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, etc. At the same time, the product was supposed to strongly affect the complex oxidized organic matter, decomposing it to easily oxidized, with no harm to the environment.  

At the same time, the product would actively affect the nitrogen group contained in the effluents, enhancing the process of nitrophication and, if possible, denitrification. Problems with phosphates, anionic surfactants, phenols, etc. in anaerobic conditions of drains were not ignored either.  

So the company gathered a group of 12 scientists, to develop its own, unique product. 

By 2011, having studied the best methods of solving these problems, funding our own research and experimental development, especially in finding and using bacterial strains that can meet the assigned tasks, a biological product was created, and we called it "BIOFOX".  



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