OOO KSPT RASTR, a member of Russian Association of Water supply and Sanitation, is glad to welcome you to our official website.

Since you are here, you must be concerned with matters of ecology. Are you searching for an effective & cost-efficient way of water treatment, a product capable of restoring water ecosystems? Look no further!
Pure water deficiency is a problem that keeps developing yearly. According to the UN, more than 40% of global population is suffering because of pure water resources becoming scarce. Moreover, low quality water consumption in developed countries is the reason of 80-90% of all diseases and 30% of all deaths.
The problem of water waste can’t always be solved by standard methods, for various reasons. That’s why it is necessary for us to develop and introduce new, cost-efficient technologies of wastewater treatment.
We present to you, a highly efficient (and cost-efficient!) solution to the problems of ecological contamination and maintaining water purity during every process of industrial activity. This eco-friendly, non-GMO product will get rid of toxic smells and clean the water, all with no harm to the environment whatsoever.
We have been testing Bioregulator-Bioaugmentator “Biofox”, “Vibrex Gold” & “Vibrex Air” for several years, during wastewater treatment and cleansing water reservoirs. Our problems were solved completely, and our efforts bore fruitful results – take a look at our clients’ feedback!
We will develop personal recommendations specifically tailored to your situation, analyze your lab results and answer any of your questions during exploitation of our product – absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

Join the green technologies!

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pure water = Great health 
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