Bioregulator-bioaugmentator (BB) "BIOFOX" ® is extremely effective as an agent for biological treatment of household, industrial and food wastewater; for biological processing and disposal of waste products of farm animals and birds (cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry droppings). All components of "BIOFOX" are of natural origin and do not contain chemical contaminants, GMOs and GMMs. 

Enzymes and probiotics in BIOFOX ® quickly break down protein, carbohydrate and fatty groups of complex organic compounds. Thus, the process of their decomposition is accelerated. The anaerobic process, which forms toxic gases such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, etc. Is completely neutralized. 



   Housing and communal services


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  Ponds exposed to 



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Food Industry  


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Agroindustrial complex


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Advantages of using the Bioaugmentator - bioregulator "BIOFOX" ® 


- The efficiency of water purification of waste (domestic and industrial) at the treatment facilities is significantly improved. The use of BIOFOX ® improves the intensity of biological treatment by various indicators from 1.5 to 40 times; 

- Substantial intensification of the WWTP activity. Stimulation factor up to 2 

- The guaranteed stability of the WWTP under all technological modes, including: during the period of aggressive emergency discharges of wastewater. Fast 1-3 days recovery of biocenosis is ensured. 

- Improves the sedimentation properties of activated sludge; 

- Possible reduction of energy consumption, up to 50% during the technological cycle of aeration (reduction of the volume of air supplied to the aeration tank), in the operation of treatment facilities (the possibility is assessed by the company's specialists); 

- Accelerated process of biochemical decomposition of fats coming from food wastewaters, guaranteeing a significant reduction in the content of their treated effluents is reduced to the hundreths of the input  

- Contributes to the effective process of raw sludge dehydration, excess sludge and organic solid fractions disposed of on sludge pads and other disposal sites. The process leads to a 3 to 5-fold decrease in the volume of solid fractions of the sludge (cake) in the bowl, which in turn makes it possible to increase the useful life of the sludge card until it is completely filled and then emptied; 

- Stops the process of anaerobic fermentation of sludge zones, sources of secondary pollution in the WTP, as well as anaerobic fermentation in organic bottom layers of ponds, reservoirs and lagoons-oxidizers; 

- An effective product for processing organic waste in manure storages, coming from farms and complexes for keeping animals and birds, into the most valuable fertilizer; 

- Neutralization of toxic gases and volatile substances produced by waste products of animals and birds, and as a result, improvement of air quality in the premises of livestock and birds, and in general, in the area where these enterprises are located; 

- Stimulates the conditions for the creation of aerobic (i.e. with the participation of oxygen) processes in ponds and reservoirs; 

- Destroys sources of unpleasant odors and foul smelling substances. 

- The indicators of water transparency are improved, which contributes to the improvement of the process of photosynthesis of aquatic vegetation; 

- Stops the process of reproduction of blue-green algae; 

- Restores aquatic environment to support life and create favorable conditions for aquaculture, etc. 



In general, the entire above-mentioned incomplete list of advantages forms an innovative component of the technology for purifying wastewater from organic and inorganic contaminants, when applying and using a bioregulator in various modes and environments.