BIOFOX on Wastewater Treatment Plants­­ 

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Having worked with treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities for years, our analytical group develops individual recommendations for each and every client.
These recommendations take int account: the degree of contamination of the incoming wastewaters, the operation of the treatment facilities (including their complectation), the time period of the treatment process, the species composition of biocultures in the treated waters, the contamination of surface biological treatment ponds, the area and thickness of sludge layers' cards, etc.
Using the product on WWTPs and sludge maps makes odors of anaerobic fermentation of organic matter disappear on days 2-5. This creates comfortable conditions for the staff working on the TP, since the neutralization of toxic gases is key in protecting the health of the staff.

Figure 1 shows a schematic diagram of treatment facilities operating at a classic, single-stage wastewater treatment and disposal of excess sludge and raw sediment. The active phase of wastewater treatment (indicated by a green dotted line), without taking into account their mechanical clarification, is the processes occurring in aeration tanks and secondary retention basins. In this case, the utilized sediment and activated sludge are not subjected to further processing during storage at polygons (sludge maps). The exception are the methane tanks, the operation of which is expensive and requiring sufficient technical personnel.
Figure 2 presents a schematic diagram of treatment plants operating with the bioaugmentator-bioregulator "BIOFOX". The dotted line indicates the area of active biological degradation and biological wastewater treatment. In this case, primary biocenosis is being formed from an entry point of the product. This is how "BIOFOX" intenfisifes every treatment process on the TP.
Quality indicators and the way the change with "BIOFOX":
COD (chemical oxygen demand) Not less than by 1,5 -2 times
BOD (biologicaloxygen demand) Not less than by 2 times
Suspended matter Not less than by 3 times
Nitrogen group  The nitrification process is significantly improved. The denitrification process is within the margin of error (10-40%). In a number of cases, denitrification reduced the amount of nitrates by 3 times.
Dephosphotation This stoichiometric process is little controlled. We could only discuss the practice of using a bioregulator for about 5 years. There is always a tendency in decrease in phosphate emissions, mostly for not more than 50%. 
Synthetic surfactants Multiple reduction
Petrochemicals Phenols are oxidized to thousandths. Multiple reduction.
Oxygen An increase in oxygen in aeration tanks by at least 25%
Transparency The sedimentation properties of sludge are improved. Transparency reaches 25-30 cm
Copper, Zinc, salts of heavy metal Oxidized to zero

Noticeable intensification of the wastewater treatment processes at WWTPs

No reparation or reconstruction needed.

A solution to the problem of desodoration of large territories adjacent to the sanitary-protection zone of the WWTP.


A comprehensive solution to the problems of the small islands' WWTPs (up to 1 thousand m³/ day), military cities, industrial and rural areas located in remote settlements, as well as in sanitary-protective drinking water supply systems.


Bioregulator-bioaugmentator “BIOFOX” is effective when used at food industry enterprises to improve (reduce) the quality indicators of effluents before discharge into the centralized sewage system.

PEPSICOLA-HOLDINGS (USA), which has its own enterprises in the Moscow region for the production of well-known drinks, has been using the product on its own wastewater treatment plant since mid-2012 on an ongoing basis, thereby reducing the pressure on city's WWTPs.
Direct economical effect:
In general, this entire incomplete list of advantages indicated above, forms an innovative component of the technology for wastewater treatment from organic and inorganic contaminants when applying and using the bioregulator in various modes and environments. An additional effect is expressed in the reduction of labor costs and the use of equipment when servicing wastewater treatment plants. A real indirect effect is observed when comparing financial similar quarterly or annual periods before using the Biofox bioregulator and during the period of use of the latter. In all cases, a surplus is observed taking into account the cost of acquiring the product
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