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Depending on your situation, the product is available for purchase in different-size packaging.

The product is available in accordance with Technical Conditions (TC). It has a voluntary certificate of conformity, manufacturer's safety certificate, quality certificate. The shelf life of the powdered product is 2 years, from the moment of production of the prepared stock solution - 1 month.

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vibrex air 500 mil
The product is intended for disinfection of air ductsair flow guides, air conditioning grilles and ventilation systems. It should be applied to the working surface once a day for a period 7-12 days.
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vibrex gold 500 mil
Black mold on walls, floors and ceilings, which previously could only be burned with fire or chopped down with a chisel, is now destroyed in 2 hours with the help of Vibrex-GOLD®.
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