The plastic capsule contains 25 grams of dry preparation. To obtain 1 liter of bioregulator stock solution. This product is intended for use on modular, individual treatment complexes of cottages: septic tanks, chambos, cesspools. As well as low-capacity treatment facilities (up to 300 m3/day) in rural settlements.

For the private sector 

The use of the capsule is calculated based on the following criteria:

when there is a daily intake of no more than 15 m3 of wastewater into the recycling and/or treatment system, 1 capsule (1 liter of the prepared mother solution) is sufficient for 1 month of wastewater treatment. The principle of use is to apply the solution evenly over 30 days. For ease of application, it is allowed, after preparing the stock solution, to make a working solution by increasing the volume of water in the solution in the ratio 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, etc. (You can prepare a working solution right away.) But you need to remember that any volume of solution prepared from one or several capsules at a time is consumed within a month. The bioregulator solution should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Do not tightly close the lid of the container with the prepared solution.

biofox capsule 3 Feasibility, necessity and advantages of using a bioregulator:

1.    Simplified launch of VOCs (homestead local treatment facilities). When starting, it is necessary to pour the required amount of VOC into the receiving compartment (chamber). There is no need to prepare any special nutrient solutions to maintain activated sludge biocenosis.

2.  If there are no residents (conservation) in a residential building, the operation of the VOC stops. At the same time, the presence of the drug in wastewater for VOCs will ensure further biological treatment of the wastewater in it, until your next visit to the house.

3.    When entering a residential building, after a long break, turn on the VOC and pour in the required portion of the bioregulator solution. The activated sludge biocenosis will be restored and formed within 24 hours. Next, operate the VOC in operating mode.

4.    If your VOCs, in terms of productivity, can take, for example, a 3-day volume of wastewater, then the introduction of a bioregulator solution can be carried out once every 3 days. The volume of bioregulator solution introduced at a time is also 3 days. (If 1 liter assumes a uniform application of VOCs over the course of a month, or 33.3 ml/day, then the three-day volume will be 100 ml.

5.  The use of a bioregulator will ensure the unconditional formation and maintenance of activated sludge biocenosis as long as there is biogenic mass (effluent), which in turn ensures wastewater treatment.

6.   The use of a bioregulator helps to significantly reduce the volume of disposed sludge. At the same time, the organic mass of excess sludge, formed on the basis of the composition of the bioregulator, is a good fertilizer (odorless) for your garden.

7.    The use of the drug ensures the absence of any unpleasant odors both in VOCs and in open shambos and cesspools.

8.    The use of a bioregulator in shambos, open unequipped septic tanks, and cesspools also ensures effective processing of organic matter disposed of in them and wastewater treatment. At the same time, the period of filling the useful volume of these structures with organic matter increases by 3-5 times, due to dehydration of the sediment. This means that the costs of cleaning them are sharply reduced.

    For small municipal entities

The Biofox® bioregulator in capsules makes it possible to effectively use this product in wastewater treatment plants of small municipalities. This is due to the fact that 1 kg packaging produces 40 liters of mother liquor, which is most often too much for such objects. In most cases, the cost of the drug for small forms of OS is 300-700 g/month. Due to the limited shelf life of the prepared solution, the remainder of the mother liquor was disposed of, which affected the economic effect of using the bioregulator.

1 liter of mother liquor prepared from one capsule is sufficient for 5-day biological processing of 50 m3/day. drains. Thus: with a daily productivity of treatment facilities of 50 m3/day, the monthly volume of consumption of the drug, to ensure effective biological treatment of wastewater, will be 150 grams of the drug or 6 capsules (excluding the implementation period, with a double dosage, which is up to 60 days). The use of small packaging is advisable for treatment facilities with a capacity of up to 300 m3/day. For loads over 300 m3/day, it is advisable to purchase a bioregulator in 1 kg packaging.

Retail price: 1 capsule - 999(excluding delivery costs to the consumer).

For wholesale buyers the price is negotiable.