What is "BIOFOX"?

 Bioregulator "BIOFOX" - is a composition of ferments, probiotics and organic catalizers, meant to desintegrate organic matter into their simpler, natural components, easily absorbed by the environment.  
The product is highly effective as a biological cleansing agent for homestead and industrial stockwaters at WWTPs. Our bioregulator is also effective for biological recycling and utilization of organic masses at farms. All of the components in "BIOFOX" are of a natural, organic origin, without any chemical pollution, GMO or GMM.
Ferments and probiotics in "BIOFOX" quickly break down protein, carbohydrate and fatty groups of organic compounds which accelerates their desintegration, shortens the compound breakup time and neutralizes toxic odors (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptans etc.)

The product is available for purchase for use on:


Wastewater Treatment Plants of any capacity (WWTPs)


Agricultural facilities keeping livestock and poultry


Homestead wastewater stocks

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Independent water reservoirs (ponds, rivers, etc.)

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