Biological treatment of animal waste

          Sadly, the ozone layer of our planet is mostly damaged by the Earth's fauna. More specifically: the byproducts of their existence, which emmit ammonia causing the 'greenhouse gas effect'. Of course it's not the only factor contributing to the Global warming, but surely one of the major ones. 
Therefore, it's the responsibility of cattle-keepers and farm-owners to neutralize and minimalize the harmful waste. Proper utilization and treatment have to be the main priority. To change the situation, you have to be aware of the most progressive methods of biological treatment of animal waste, as well as methods of producing the most high-quality fertilizers.
Surely, in summer period parts of manure are left on the pastures, but what about spring,autumn and winter? Those 3 seasons are called 'stall periods' which in different regions can last from 155 to 285 days, and this entire time the manure keeps accumulating at the manure storages and artifical pasture areas.
One cow, for example, produces 35 kilograms of solid waste and 20 litres of liquid waste daily. It's not that hard ro approximately calculate tthe amount of waste coming from one cow in a year. From this we can conclude, that in a year, a typical farm accumulates tens od thousands tonns of manure.  Which in the best case scenario -stays at the manure storage, and not around the farm.


At agricultural enterprises with livestock from several to tens of thousands of heads, the amount of organic waste to be processed and disposed of reaches tens of thousands of tons per year.
To save such a quantity of manure for compost is laborious and requires the use of a large amount of heavy agricultural machinery, huge areas of accommodation in the form of manure sites, and significant financial costs. And most importantly, such processes should be carried out at sufficiently remote distances from towns and cities, and take into account wind roses, since the outgoing smells of fresh manure and decay products in the form of toxic gases: ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, create serious discomfort and an oppressive microclimate for people. The damage to the environment - devastating
Recently, agricultural enterprises are actively trying to create local treatment facilities, with the sedimentation tanks, aeration tanks, bio-oxidizing ponds, etc. The main link in this treatment process is separation of manure into liquid and solid fractions. The solid fractions are embedded in storage clamps (without any additional processing), with an emphasis on further natural oxidation and fermentation (decay) of organics. And the liquid fraction is processed in aeration tanks, followed by post-treatment in bio-oxidizing ponds. Of course, this allows us to reduce pollution indicators for COD, BOD, and the nitrogen group. But not so much that we could safely attribute this process to wastewater treatment. Rather, these are pre-treatment technologies. Thus, we conclude that in the process of purification of organic effluents, the "main" process is not enough - the actual processing of organic effluents to parameters that do not have a negative impact on the environmental aspects and do not expose people in nearby cities to health risks.
  Unfortunately, agricultural complexes don't pay enough attention to the treatment of biological waste.  That might be, because until recently there was no 100%-effective solution to these problems. Now there is!
          We offer you the only solution that does not involve large labor costs and has a truly fantastic economic effect, not to mention a radical change in the protection of the environment, a careful and rational attitude to nature.
You have probably already read all about "BIOFOX" on the first pages of our website. It should only be added that, when activated by hydrolysis of moisture and / or water, this product gains enormous power. The effect of the product does not stop during the winter: bacteria in subzero temperatures do not die, but only fall into a state of suspended anabiosys. When the weather warms up, microorganisms are activated and the process of manure-treatment continues.

"BIOFOX"® at poultry farms

Processing and disposal of poultry manure

  Biofox is used for processing and disposal of poultry manure at poultry farms and other places of mass bird keeping and preparation of manure before using it as a fertilizer for various purposes.
"Biofox" ® in Action
    The product binds ammonia formed in the litter, thereby preventing the release of ammonia into the atmosphere and improving the air quality in the premises of keeping birds. Enzymes and probiotics destroy the organic components of manure, turning the whole mass into compost, preparing it for further use as a fertilizer. They also convert ammonia into protein, and as a result, compost is highly recommended as an additive to animal and bird feeds.

Direct positive effect of Biofox ® on poultry farms
  • Getting rid of ammonia reduces mortality, increases the weight gain of the bird during the course of its production at poultry farms, and improves the protective functions of the bird's body.
  • Ammonia damages the air sacs (transparent elastic thin-walled outgrowth of the mucous membrane of the secondary bronchi) of birds.
  • Ammonia causes an increase in respiratory diseases.
  • At ammonia concentrations above 20 mg / kg, it causes high stress, increasing mortality and reducing the weight gain of birds.
  • Significant financial savings are achieved in the processing of places of bird keeping, due to natural treatment.
  • Saving financial resources due to the additional animal feed.
  • Obtaining additional financial resources due to the independent use or sale of compost as fertilizers.
  • The release of financial resources due to a significant reduction in the impact of environmentally harmful bird droppings on the environment, which will not lead to the application of penalties from the controlling State bodies.
  • Creation of more comfortable conditions for workers at poultry farms and a significant reduction in the level of exposure to harmful conditions on their workplace.
All components that make up BIOFOX are of natural origin and do not contain carcinogens and chemical contaminants.

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