was organised and has been functioning since 20th of June 1990.
In our 29 years ofactivity, our company spent more than 12 years producing and processing agricultural products and for all these years has been providing services in the field of housing and communal services, since they have owned infrastructure serving the residential sectors of small municipalities for water supply and treatment of household waste, as well as animal waste.
The difficulties experienced by the company’s specialists in the maintenance and operation of wastewater treatment plants and waste of organic origin, prompted the search for an effective, low-cost and easily used product that can intensify the treatment of organic waste.
All pre-existing biological products did not meet our requirements. So the company created a team of 12 scientists to develop the product we so desperately needed. And in 2011, a product that has no analogues in the quality and depth of intensification and processing of organic waste in Russia, the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, etc., under the name "BIOFOX" was created.
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